June 17, 2012

First Love

You were my first love on this side of life.  And that love was an all-inclusive lifelong commitment type deal....good, and not so good.  The bad and ugly?  Well thank God, OUR relationship hasn't gone there...but this life here?  It has brought both the bitter and the sweet.....I'm so glad you've been present through it all. 

My Daddy. 


The road trips.  Everyone packed into that blue Regal, snoring all around except you and I.  I would stare at your reflection in the rear view mirror.  The old scar on your forehead seemed to pulsate with the intensity etched on your face.  I always wondered what thoughts lie behind your green eyes.  Always wanted to know what was in your mind.  Wanted to know you.  Glad I finally do.

The conversations.  There's a running joke about your torturous lectures.  We would prefer the Creflo-style discipline any day, if it meant avoiding the dreaded UNENDING LECTURE! lol.  But that's you.  The lecturer.  The debater.  The educator.  At some point, the lectures transitioned into conversations.  Discipline turned to sharing.  To knowing and being known. Talking and listening.  Talking and laughing and listening.  These days, j'adore the sound. 

The love.  No matter how many self-esteem, self-image, self-(..fill in the blank)....issues I faced as a girl growing up,  my foundation was firm because I had you.  Yes, I had Mama and all that she brings....but a child...a girl-child needs something else from her father.  Your presence in my life protected me (still does)...taught me to protect myself.  You were the first to tell me I had a gift and what it was.  You directed me into The Better.  You required The Better.  You gave what you hadn't received...affirmation, gentleness...and hugs. :-)  So when the older perv approached me at 13 years old...wanting to "teach me" some things, I didn't fall for it like so many girls do.  Didn't want it.  Didn't need it.  "Sorry dude.  I got a Daddy and HE taught me everything I need to know." 

bite of the day ~ Thank you Daddy.  Happy Father's Day. :-)


June 12, 2012

Here's to Lasting Marriages...Good News. Finally!

Today, I decided to read the news online...something I haven't done in awhile.  Quickly, I remembered why.  BAD NEWS.  All around.  The testimonies in the Sandusky case (Penn State Sex abuse scandal....old perv caught humping on a 10 year old in the locker room....poor innocent baby.  I cringe, but um...I couldnt have left without stopping it! Hellooooo Stupid.).  Testimonies in the Marvin Winans assault and grand theft auto case ($20k watch!?!).  Crime Crime CRIME!  Sigh.

My God!  It's disturbing...weighs my spirit down...and I, for one, can do without it.  Thus my partial banishment of the daily news.  But I have to watch it sometimes, because a sista can't walk around ignorant.  When I do decide to expose myself to the happenings in the world, what some would call "fluff" catches my attention.  Actually, I call it encouragement.  Inspirational.  Hopeful.  GOOD NEWS.  Like this piece on Yahoo.com about long lasting Hollywood marriages!  Ahhh.  A sigh of relief.  I needed that.  If they can make it in LA, you can make it...anywhere!  Check it out and tell me it doesn't put a smile on your face....:-).  Hope the link works...first time doing this....Enjoy!