October 15, 2013

The WHY?

Last week I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is an entrepreneur and very much into having a positive impact on others' lives and the community through her work. Not unlike myself.  We talked about getting back to "The Why?" Why did you start...whatever you started?  Whether it's a business, a relationship, a diet...a blog.  What was your motivation?  Sometimes, THE WHY gets lost in the shuffle of "the process"...the challenges.  Whether digging deep or climbing high....you have to start somewhere.  And remembering not only WHERE you started, but WHY you started can help with staying focused...and provide motivation during the, inevitable, challenging times.

My mother and I officially started our arts nonprofit, The Anointed Harvesters, back in 2003...after leading the drama ministry at our church for years.  Our motivation?  Expanding beyond the walls of the church...and for me as a writer, more creative freedom.  Expanding meant moving beyond the limitations of stage into film. Packaging positive messages and images that could literally go around the world without us leaving our doorsteps...or dealing with some uncommitted actors not showing up to rehearsals or learning their lines. "It don't take all of that!" Um...YES it does.  Out with you! LOL

empower. inspire. uplift.  

So we set out to learn the film business...every aspect and angle.  What we found were a lot of closed doors and unwillingness to share the knowledge. Wow...Shocker!  Fortunately, a closed door only makes women like us put on steel boots.

"YOU don't tell ME what I can't do..."  

So, we decided not only would we make opportunities for ourselves, but anyone who had the basic SKILLS and DESIRE to be a viable part of the entertainment industry, but had not been given the opportunity to gain the experience. Enter the birth of our Shadow Training & Internship Program. Quality NOT Quantity is one of our mottos. 

Over the years, we've had our share of challenges, sacrifice, sabotage, hate and other unmentionables.  But we've also seen so many people touched, inspired, changed and assisted due to our work.  We've realized how so many people simply have not found the strength to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be...no courage to pursue their slice of the fulfilled-life pie.  Passion.  Purpose.  In this damp dark world, we can, should and are A Light that draws.  It is a humbling and sometimes, daunting assignment but we LOVE this stuff.  And we are loved...and supported.  So we continue on...  

Join us this Friday and Be Inspired. 
bite of the day - Strap on those steel boots and START KICKING!  Selah.