September 1, 2010

...this is it....

....this is the hard part.  keeping your matter what.  no matter what the other person does.....keeping your integrity.  no matter how much you long and  this is the hard part.  when you've been wronged and have every right it.  when you've been wronged but you're the one feeling guilty....guilty for responding naturally.  but we are not supposed to be just natural....not just "mere men".  that's what they say.  but this is the hard part.  everything inside is screaming to be just....BE.  pull back when you want to run forward.  push away when you want to pull in.  love when you want to hate.  don't when you want  laugh when you want to cry.  shut up when you want to express.  think when you want to stop....thinking of consequence.  stay when you want to go?  or do you?  this is definitely the hard part.

i do the things that i ought not do...the things i ought, i don't. no fantasies.  only the real.  reality.  there it goes again.  that thought.  no.

bite of the day ~ i don't know about next lifetime....but maybe in somebody's, we'll get it right. love.