October 17, 2012

Let's Talk About SEX Part 2

As I splashed through puddles of rain and fallen leaves, feeling the wet seep through my Skechers, I heard what sounded like a low scream from across the street.  Instantly, I looked in the direction of the junior high school I pass practically everyday on my way home.  There were three or four slightly saggin' boys with nice fades surrounding a couple of (obviously) fast girls who were all giggles and grins.  The "scream" had come from the one whose legs were wrapped around the waist of a chocolate saggin'-nice-fade....as he pressed her against the exposed brick of the school....and humped.  I'm assuming in an effort to show her what he's working with.  Sigh.  
I see not much has changed since I was in junior high school.  Horny Pricks.  Silly chicks.   Our young freaks would actually double team a boy against a locker between classes, and take turns giggling, groping and squeezing his balls as he squirmed in....pain???  Maybe not.  It looked painful to me.  Of course, I was still years away from "personal experience" at that point....and was actually quite disgusted with the crass display.  What did I know?  Um...nothing.

Except Sex. It was and IS everywhere.  Correction.  The illusion of it is everywhere.  Teasing and taunting....wooing.  But what seems fun and sweet and oh! feels so RIGHT!...can quickly turn to bitter and painful and oh!  just so....WRONG!  Soul ties, broken hearts, oops! pregnancies (younguns AND old-heads who should know better....ijs), and let's not forget STDs (sexually transmitted diseases for those who like to play dumb...). 

Which brings me back to my comment in Part 1...why I can't succumb to my raging hormones and just "give me away".  There are many reasons...but I will wrap them in one simple statement.

 pre·cious audio (prshs) KEY
    Of high cost or worth; valuable.
    Highly esteemed; cherished.
    Dear; beloved.
The Lord planted this knowing in my deep parts at a very early age.  Damaging words, damaged people and a damaged world has been trying to uproot The Preciousness ever since.  But no matter how many punches, kicks, hair pulls, or soul rips I take, the roots are too deep...so deep that if I attempted to open my legs to an "unworthy", my preciousness would cause them to shake and quack and violently snap shut.  I  AM precious.  Selah.

bite of the day ~ For both ladies&gents, BE PRECIOUS.  RE-program yourself and understand who you are.  You can wait...and you are WORTH waiting for.  Stay tuned for Part 3 to find out my definition of an "unworthy". :-)


October 3, 2012

Politics and the Presidential Election 2012

The truth?  I hate politics.  I hate the whole political season.  I hate those cheesey "I approve this message" commercials.  An oxymoron, yes,  because I come from a very aggressively politically active family...whose activism grew out of an organic concern for the community.  I myself minored in political science and was the VP of my university's chapter of the NAACP...and in student government. And yes,  I've walked a picket line or two.  But POLITICS...I hate.  Let there be no mistake about it.  This presidential election, like all the others before it, is POLITICS AS USUAL...a popularity contest....with higher stakes.  No different than running for homecoming king or queen in high school.  I hated those contests too.
With that being said, this is about the time I force myself to get tuned in. Yes, I watched the debate. We are speeding toward election day...thank God the manipulation is almost over!   And I'm a good tax paying citizen so I will have my say.  It's a point of personal integrity to vote...in at least the major elections.  
I remember as a teenager, watching the documentary "Eyes on the Prize" about the civil rights movement...angry tears streamed down my face as I witnessed how black folks (and some righteous white folks) suffered and died so that WE could have the right to vote.  How dare I NOT!?! How dare YOU!?! But don't anyone make the mistake of trying to influence WHO I should vote for.  To me, my vote is sacred...and personal.  IT'S MY DECISION.  It's just like a marriage....I'm committing to the candidate of MY CHOICE.  Only difference is I know for sure it won't last forever....  
bite of the day ~ Voting is a responsibility.  Register.  Get the facts.  Make YOUR own decision.  And keep it to yourself.  Let others use their own brains and choose without your influence.