July 28, 2012

Overwhelmed? SKIP.

See...this is why I am abnormal..."special"...half-crazy.  I was raised by a abnormalspecialhalf-crazy...mother.   Seriously.

Case in point.

The other day, I was doing my usual routine of eyesbrowslipsBible during my quiet train ride to work.  It was quiet because 1) no crazies happened to be acting out that morning 2) mostly everyone else's heads were buried in an e-device of some sort  3) the general unspoken phrase "I hate my job" was hanging in the air.  Suddenly, my boring, (I'm told) ring tone pierces the silence.  It was my mother.  I immediately think "Oh Lord.  What now?" because an early morn weekday call is not her usual.  The convo went something like:

abnormalspecialhalf-crazy mother:
Good Morning My Dearest Darling Daughter....(lol...no, really...she LAUGHED OUT LOUD).

(trying not to talk too loud so sounding dry)
Good Morning...

abnormalspecialhalf-crazy mother:
(still bright)
 Ok...I called your brother with this dare so I'm posing the same dare to you...

(confused & a little frightened)

abnormalspecialhalf-crazy mother:
 (even brighter)
When you get off the train, I dare you to SKIP...even if it's just a few skips to the elevator or anything.  But sometime today, you must skip.  I double dare you. (another LOL)

(still confused & less frightened)
um....well, I have on slide-ins so I'm not about to do it when I get off the train and bust my behind but...um, okkkk.

abnormalspecialhalf-crazy mother:
Me and Mani (my brother) were talking about how this life has made him so heavy (emotionally/spiritually)....so that's why I'm daring you to skip.  Sometimes, I just skip.  Shoot.

And she does.  (She did it the other day the moment I let her into my apartment.)  After I hung up, I sighed out loud.  My mother and her antics. Doesn't she know I'm thinking about work&bills&divorce&future&mypurpose&theElection&gaymarriage&gunviolence&....Sigh.  I don't have time for these childish games. BUT because I'm a good daughter...and don't ignore dares....I got to the bottom of the train station stairs, went through the turnstile and SKIPPED to the street. Yes, in slide-ins and all.  Which in turn made me laugh slightly out loud and smile for the remainder of my walk to work, thinking about the ridiculousness of it all.  My mother.  Gotta love her.

But you know what?  I felt....lighter.  More carefree.  I guess the 60-year-old skipper does know a little something. :-)

bite of the day ~ Be child-like.  It works.