May 2, 2011


She said, "He's a punk...I mean he has other people out doing his dirty work and he's holed up in a mansion somewhere..."

The Other She said, "well he grew up rich...THEY don't spend THEIR money on clothes...that's for sure..."

Then She said, "...or razors....or deodorant...."

As nice as both of them seem to be....they are obviously clueless that their conversation crossed a very fine my humble opinion.  Subtle "Justified" prejudice. 

I cringed....trying to recall my earlier comments about Osama Bin Laden's capture, killing & apparent burial in a watery grave.  Had I said (or thought) anything...cringy!?!  I quickly did a self-check...evaluating my words.  My comments reflected the need for proof that the government wasn't lying...that Bin Laden actually is dead...because the "buried at sea" thing is a bit suspect to me.  However, the conversation of my co-workers (who happen to be caucasian and will remain unnamed) went beyond talking about Public Enemy #1 i.e. ONE man who did horrible things...into revealing some prejudice toward a GROUP of people...most of whom are NOT terrorists.  Talking about facial hair and body odor?  C'mon!  That was NOT just addressing Bin Laden.  Mind you, there are three new consultants on the other side of the wall from me, who happen to be of Middle Eastern descent based on their olive skin, dark shiny hair...of course, the most telling clues are the name plates perched on the edge of each of their desks.  They surely heard the conversation.  Sigh. 

Americans have a deep history of arrogance hatred and brutality...especially when WE and/or our way of life is being threatened.  Little things like The Civil War...and slavery...and Jim Crow...and lynching come to mind.... 

The killing of osama bin laden has once again brought to the surface renewed venom for not only him, but the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001...and by default, prejudice toward people unlike ourselves.  When we go beyond being "satisfied" that justice apparently has been served into making blanket statements about a group of people....we see just what is in our hearts.  It's NOT ok.

I'm still debating a sidebar confrontation....sigh.

bite of the day ~ Prejudice is UGLY.  Check yourself.