December 28, 2009

paint lessons

We've been in our condo for nearly 6 years and amazingly, we still have not finished decorating the whole place!  The reasons? We pay cash for MOST things (including furniture)...and TIME/ENERGY (to complete a project)....which is the biggest hurdle.  So needless to say, I've been planning to paint the guest bedroom for years, but decided I'd better get to it before this Christmas since my in-laws were coming to spend the holiday with us.  Talk about crunch time!  

For some reason, green has become one of my favorite colors....not dark boring green or cheap looking neon green....but smooth cool green.   So to my love's horror, I found a color called asparagus months ago which I was SURE would be perfect!  But as I went to buy the paint last week, confident and determined to get it done, love kept reminding me "This is YOUR project.  If you mess it up, it's on YOU!"....I became a little nervous...and a bit indecisive.

As a result, I got another peek into my soul.  The big Revelation?  I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH RISK.  There!  I said it.  As creative and different and everything else that I think I am, I must admit, I like to play it safe.  I like to have a plan....not only a plan, but one that I am relatively positive will be successful.  Instability or the unknown?  Let's just say they don't take me to the happy place.

So there I was in Home Depot staring at the color palettes on the wall, practically shaking from cold feet like a nervous bride on her wedding day. Will asparagus green be too loud?  Can I actually paint this room myself?  What if it doesn't turn out right?  What if it's down right UGLY?  WHAT IF I MAKE A MISTAKE!?!  Oh God!!!
After poring through the palettes...again, and going through the suggestions and tips on their trusty computer program....and asking a stranger her opinion....and getting help from the sales associate....I finally decided to grow some "balls" and go with my first mind.  I quickly ordered two cans of Asparagus Green and got the heck out of there before my doublemindedness (if that's a word...) kicked back in.

Thus far, I've only painted one coat and you know what?  It's doesn't look half bad.  As a matter of fact, I think it's going to turn out quite beautifully.  Even love said so.  Sigh (....of relief).  YEA!!! One decision down...a million to go!

bite of the day ~ Trust yourself.  Don't let fear of making a mistake stop you from trying something new or doing something different.


December 14, 2009

good eatin'

The holidays are here...all too quickly, I might add!  And the good eatin' has officially begun.  This week alone I have three holiday lunches...and the official Christmas party at the job.  Of course, it's no longer called a "Christmas" party for all the conformers and politically correct folks in the world.  It's now the "Holiday Reception".  Whateva'!
Nevertheless, after my scrumptious Thanksgiving meal of  juicy garlicky Turkey (made by my very talented love),  Cornbread dressing, candied yams, mustard and turnip greens, mac and cheese, vanilla layered cake and cheesecake with whipped topping......the eating just seemed to continue.  So a thirtiesgirl like me has to find a way to enjoy all the festivities (I WILL NOT DEPRIVE MYSELF!!) without growing the gut or butt beyond repair.  So my health freak of a mamacita is always giving me little tips to keep the jiggle to a minimum and sickness at bay.  The most recent being CINNAMON and HONEY.

  This powerful duo is said to have crazy ridiculous health benefits like weight loss (apparently the mixture stops the body from accumulating fat...COULD THIS BE TRUE???), fights heart disease, hair loss, arthritis, yeast/bladder infections, indigestion and the lists goes on and on!
I've just added this to my regimen and I have high hopes. PLUS it is DELISH!  Smooth and sweet.  I simply boil water in a tea kettle, sprinkle some ground cinnamon in a large tea cup and pour the boiling water over it.  Then I add a nice tablespoon of honey and stir.  It's better than Hot Cocoa on a crispy cold night, I tell ya!  And if it does everything they say, I can definitely make this a permanent part of my life.  HALLELUJAH and pass the cheese! Just kidding.  Sigh.

bite of the day ~ Use Organic Cinnamon Powder and RAW Unheated Honey to get real benefits.  This combo can be consumed as a warm drink or taken straight from the spoon.  Enjoy!